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Welcome to LifePrint!

Welcome to LifePrint Photography, Where We Pose Out Loud! My name is Miranda Malone and I'll be your creative eyes!


As a young girl I watched my father capture endless numbers of breathtaking memories with friends and family. He was always our designated family photographer for any and all family gatherings! Since the moment I laid eyes on his passion for his art, I began to follow in his lead without even realizing it! I started out just like him, capturing fond memories of my friends and family and quickly discovered a gift; eyes that can capture the beautiful moments no other eyes can find. It's a gift I've inherited from my father and a gift I bring to every press of my shutter button.


My love of photography is diverse; everything in this world from the people in my life to the animals of nature are pristine subjects to me. To capture the moments in the world around me is my greatest passion and a passion I hope to share with you. I would love to have the opportunity to share my talent with anyone who would allow me to capture them "POSING OUT LOUD"!!!

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